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November 5th 2008

After the electionÖ. As I said beforeÖ The outcome of this election doesnít surprise me one bit. In a democrat year with a sweet-talking, young basketball star-ish, minority.. itís impossible to think any different. This is the country we live in now a day.

The Reality: Is this the last 4 years USA will ever know?..Haha!..uh no. The Obama people that are so charged with the current spark of the moment will slowly realize through coming years that little will change. The skies wont open and drop money down. He wonít swipe evil off the earth with a lift of his hand. Words from his mouth wont solve the worldís energy problems. People will still have their maxed out credit cards and own things they cant afford. The day of the fairy tale stories is over Mr. O. Now the time to run a country has come. For the most part the policies that are active now will run through his years too. Wha? No way...yes itís true. So this is a continuance of Bushís polices? Yup, just has his carried from Clintonís and so on. Our system is based of a simple design. This design is of course called the United States Constitution. From that every president follows that design tweaking laws and bills as they go. Every president only succeeds at a few major things during a term. Four and even eight years isnít much time when you think about it. Iíve lived through Regan, Bush1, Clinton, Bush2, and now Obama. This country always sways from one side to the other. The current state of the economy has a little to do with all the past presidents. I know that youíve been told time and time again that itís all Bush. He was a contributor no doubt but for the most part that is false. The country is actually doing decent considering.... 9/11, Afghanistan, Enron/WorldCom, Katrina, Iraq, Ivan, gas crunch, and mortgage crisis. To have all those happen and still only have an unemployment rate of 5.7 speaks for it self. Thatís only 0.2 above the previous president. Many just donít get that or they are the type to think a president can change everything in just a few Election day morning Obama in a private interview was already back stepping on his tax cut. He now explains that it may take 2 to 3 years for a cut to fully become reality. He knows that its not going to happen quick.. but for many this is not the case. Besides this is all for what? A $1.25 a day?. Yup thatís your cut. Roughly 500 a person for a year. Not quite a economic game changer. As for other issues.. Healthcare?Ö I doubt anything will change but this may be his one and only baby. Social SecurityÖ Again nothing. It seems that presidents have been talking about theses issues forever. It will probably take a collapse of these organizations as well. We may be working towards something but it isnít going to happen all at once as perceived by the weighting sector of O voters. Most likely by the time something just starts to show signs of working someone else will come in and change it.

In the first months itís likely that the oil-drilling ban will be reinstated. EPA standards will be raised on new currently being built and new power plants. In reality no new plants will be built but our use will still increase. This will have the same effect that it had in the 70ís. We will be back up to 5+ at the pump and be paying 2 to 3 times more for home energy. We canít hold affordable prices and higher EPA standards. Small business will have a hard time once again affording to stay up with the market. The US automakers will get the bailout money they need. The unions will follow. With that money on hand the unions will fight for raises for existing workers instead of actual investment into new. You will be sold on this idea, as it will be told to help them build alternative fuel cars. Massive cuts in defense spending are set to happen. This will once again start to open the floodgates for more attacks.

The media is no doubt a big player. In the future we will see what happens. In the Clinton administration they blew his trumpet until their ratings started to horribly drop. After that towards the end they realized that people were starting to see thru the crap. They started to lean in a different direction. During the Gore race the media wasnít near as brutal as they are now. Face it.. That is why now Fox News is dominating the market. Rush Limbaugh even with his rocky past is still the most popular radio hosts.

Iraq... The worst thing that Obama can do is to make a mockery out of Iraq. They need to let them run their course that will mean much to the people serving and the rest of the world. If they get there way and pull the plugÖ Live cameras need to be posted in the streets of Baghdad so all of you can see the terror that will happen to those people. It would make Darfur look like small blip. I have bad feeling about this. Knowing very well how he stands I think the insurgency will increase 10 fold now that Obama is elected.. Why? With an Obama administration they know all they have to do is poke a few points and O will pull the plug. They will claim our surrender and say that we are cowards and they will be the ones showing the world what we left behind after the death and destruction that followed. We have nearly WON! Donít let our troops work and sacrifice be wasted. Lets not let all our money spent be for nothing. Lets prove to the world we will keep our word. That we will follow through with what we start. In 20 to 30 years Iraq could grow to a strong ally in a great position with the recourses to back it. As a say to so many, "I bet in 15 to 20 years that everything will say made in Iraq instead of China". It still bothers me that 65 percent of our military supported McCain and why we didnít listen.

Little from what you may think the Obama administration will not be a bipartisan one. There may be middle of the road leaning left republican here and there but for the most part he will let most of us down. For chief of staff Obama already is looking at a guy named Rahm Emanuel. He served in the Clinton administration. He once made the statement "**** the republicans who give a ****" and was reported to tell Prime Minister Tony Blair "this is important, Donít **** it up". This is just the sort of person we needÖlol!! True change.

ClosingÖ Iím going to close this thread for now but sticky it for futher use. I want you to remember what the issues were. I want you to remember all the things that were promised. In 2012 the country will start its journey back to the middle. As for Obama.. Itís of course to early to tell if he will be a lame duck president. I will say that in 2012 when things still arenít good he will look to G W Bush again. Old stories will once surface again. Be it about the economy, national security or even a natural disaster you will. He will have the some tools at his disposal as well. Im sure that ACORN and other programs will be restored and well funded. One thing is for certain by 2012 the real Obama will be known. Past acquaintances will come back to haunt him. The media will remain at his side. Or will theyÖ Time and ratings will only tell. So next election try not to sell out to BS. Remain true to yourself and look thru the thin layer of stretched words.

Personal edit: I really do hope what he claims will become reality. I dont agree with all his views but this country needs REAL unity. Not the red vs blue BS that will eventually drive us into our own demise. Obamaís campaign delivered no sign if unity to me and many others.. This election proved it.. We are still a country split nearly 50/50 and those sides keep getting further apart.

Time Line for the Post Election. This is what is really going on in the world. So you be the judge whether this is the change and untity we need.

November 5 2008 -- Anxiety takes hold.. Stock market has largest ever post-election loss.. -5.2 percent. F. Roosevelt was #2. Oil rose to $68 a barrel. Russian president annouces that missles will be stationed on EU borders. Israel again launches strikes against Hamas targets. First since June 2008.

November 6 2008 -- Rahm Emanuel (d) announced as Chief of Staff for Obama. John Kerry (d) is front runner for Secretary of State. Collin Powell front runner for Secretary of Defense. Stock market drops another 400 points. Obama anxiety sets in. After the elections over the media is just now asking the question, "who is the real Barack Obama?" Putin announces a return as Russian president. Obama gives first press conference. Unteleprompted he scares many that thought he was a great speaker.

November 10 2008 -- Obama annouces that he will review all of Bush's executive orders. He claims that he will reinstate the oil drilling ban and will drop restrictions on stem cell research. Distruction of embryos could be part of this.

November 11 2008 -- The auto industry claims that it will not survive without some sort of bailout. Bush dosnt wan to just throw money at them. Dems fight for 50 billion. AMEX now needs 3 billion in bailout money.

November 12 2008 -- Obama's original agenda is now missing off his website. It is now said that the "tax cut" is no longer in the cards! At least not for years. The stock market continues to fall with Obama anxiety! NYSE: 8600 Fortunatley so is the price of oil. $57 World markets also dropping at a rapid pace. Unemployment jumped to 6.5 percent. A new great depression?? Many claim that the worries of the drastic change in policy caused most of this... No proof to back though.

ALso: WASTE!!! Dems announce that they will push forward with Bush investigations! Just what this country needs. Thanks!

November 18 2008 -- In another "reach across the table" move...LOL Obama asks Hillary Clinton to be Secretary of State. It is annouced that she will likely accept. Markets continue to falter since election day. The automakers wait patiently to be bailed out...hehe This bailout is supposed to help automakers keep employee insurance coverage..working and retired. People where Im from are having a hard time paying for coverage and now their taxes are going to pay GM's. Something isnt right there. Meanwhile...The press isnt covering anything because they are still on the O juice.

November 21 2008 -- The auto makers have been denied a bailout. For now. Obama in hidding... He has ha no input on the issue. O jitters continue to drop the market. DJI is now at 7600! Obama continues to announce his cabinet.. NO CROSS THE TABLE!!! This is looking more like Clintons 3 term more then anything. Obama and the people around him continue to down play promises opting for the usual politcal games.

January 20 2009 -- Well today is the day! Today we put the biggest star in office. Never mind that he still doesnt have any solid policy, experience, or change. Gee thanks. Time to turn off the tv.

Update: Well it's a done deal. Barack Hussien Obama is the new President. Many think that the first thing he will do is close Gitmo and lift some abortion bans. Great... bring all those terorrists here. Let them use our court system. His speech was pretty typical for BO. It was well written and voiced but does it hold water. Time will only tell. The past has shown different so Im very sceptical.

January 23 2009 -- So the first week is almost over for BO. Heres what is known so far. Obama signed papers to close Gitmo in 120 days. Also this states that now a manual "howto book" has to be striclty followed when interrigating people. Lets start from the top. Gitmo is only holding 250 people now and this number is going down do to military tribunals. Gitmo would have been closed with in a year or so anyway. The question I have is where are these prisoners going and as tax payers how much is this move going to cost? They also state how this move will strengthen our national security.... wha? BTW... Remeber the NO lobbyists and NO earmarks rule that BO said he would inforce... haha Well now they are just saying the word "limiting". I guess this means that it limits it to what he wants in a Bill.

January 26 2009 -- Obama says that Isreal should open its borders to Gaza. LOL WTF

January 27 2009 -- Obama gives his first tv interview to an Arab news channel Al-Arabia. Go figure.. Guess we Americans don't count for much.

January 28 2009 -- One day after Obama gives tv speech Iran president Mamouhd Ahmadinajad says that the US should apologize for past actions. Am I the only one yesterday that thought Obama's interview would be taken as a sign of submition to the rest of the world? In other news... Why is it that they keep acting like the republicans are holding up the stimulus package? They dont need ONE republican vote to pass the pack! Its a Dem majority people... The media at it finest again.

January 30 2009 -- Obama's new 850billion dollar stimulus pack pass congress 2 days ago... Not one republican voted for it. I have to agree that much of the money doesnt help actuall "people" out. Much of it is going to long term projects and private orginizations. Fact once again look it up. We get a 500 dollar tax break. whoopty doo. Also today Obama passed his first bill. Equal pay, Equal work.. Uhm hello.. Whats to say that 2 people have the same job but one is more productive. Do they have be paid the same?

February 9 2009 -- Obama has his first tv press conference. This equals 2 teleprompters and pre-set questions. Oh.. and yes agian he mentioned "save or create 4 million jobs". I just dont get it. So far the stimulus holds at 900 billion.

February 10 2009 -- Thw new treasury secretary Tim Gieghter spoke today about the plan. Yes Im still he didnt explain anything. Also today a little something new squeezed out. Accordong to the bill government will push to develop an internal and monitored health system.

February 17 2009 -- Today is the day. At round 2pm the president will sign in the new stimulus plan. Even though we are nearing doom he and the wife took the weekend off. He also didnt sign it yesterday. I though we were nearing DOOM! I guess only time will tell from here on out. The markets have fallen around 1500 points over the past 2 weeks btw. This bill is still said to reach 2 trillion over time.


Obama "reach across the table tally" -- Obama's cabinet consist of 98 percent democrats. 50 percent of those were affiliated with the Clinton's.

Dems Proposed added debit -- 2 Trillion!

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